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6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Palestine Travel to Palestine 

6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Palestine

6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Palestine: Travelers from all over the world cross hundreds of thousands of miles to get to Palestine. Why is that? What are the factors that motivate individuals to travel to this part of the world? Of all the places that people could travel to, here are the reasons why so many visit Palestine. These are the reasons why you should consider planning a trip to Palestine too.



The historical and religious significance

Palestine has a long-standing history and the land itself is very significant to the three major world religions. Christianity, Islam, and Judaism all have ties to the land. You can find countless holy sites scattered throughout Palestine that are worth visiting. From Jerusalem to Bethlehem to Jericho and beyond, many tourists come to Palestine for the religious significance alone.



The language

The swirling script of Arabic is famed for its beauty, both when written and spoken. The language is complex and the dialects are vast. Studying Arabic in Palestine, an Arabic-speaking country, will grow your language skills faster than any classroom can. When visiting Palestine, seize the opportunity to begin learning or to continue learning Arabic. You will hear the language spoken around every corner and we hope that you find listening to Arabic as beautiful as so many other travelers have.



The food

The fertile land of Palestine produces healthy and flavorful foods. Most specifically, Palestine is known to produce some of the best olives and dates in the world. You will find olive oil in abundance here, as well as endless cups of Arabic coffee and tea. Unlike Western countries that stock their shelves with frozen meals and canned food, the food in Palestine is natural, fresh, and mainly locally-sourced.

View over the Old City with the Dome of the Rock, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Jerusalem, Israel, Middle East


All of these factors mix together to create mouthwatering dishes. Some of the most common meals you will find in Palestine include shawarma sandwiches, falafel, hummus, za’atar, maqloubeh, malfouf, and several other rice, vegetable, and meat creations. Of course, you cannot forget about the sweets. Palestinian sweets are just that – very sweet. From cakes to kanafeh to baklava, those who love sugar and desserts will get their tasty fill in Palestine.



The people

Known for overwhelming and genuine hospitality, travelers find time and time again how friendly Palestinians are. If you want to travel to a place where you will be welcomed with open arms, then come to Palestine. From the streets you walk down to the shops you enter into, people will be waiting to greet you warmly and speak with you kindly.



To discover daily life

Life in Palestine is complex. The media often portrays one side of the complexity, but to know what is really taking place on the ground, you will have to visit Palestine for yourself. Despite news articles and television broadcasts stating that Palestine is a dangerous place, you will discover during your visit that Palestine is far safer than portrayed. There is a complicated political web that shapes the daily life of Palestinians. Seeing for yourself what is happening on the ground will give you a perspective that the media does not give. This is another reason why we welcome travelers to visit Palestine.



The beauty

Palestine’s landscape is striking and varies from city to city. There are wide-open desert hills, cream-colored buildings, city lights, greenery, and the famous cobalt-blue of the Dead Sea. From sunrise to sunset, Palestine offers breathtaking views for travelers to enjoy. In addition, cities such as Bethlehem showcase well-known street art, particularly along the separation wall. The art, natural scenery, and overall beauty of Palestine is the final reason why you should highly consider planning a trip to Palestine.

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