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Is it possible to visit every Palestinian city in a week? Travel Around Palestine 

Is it possible to visit every Palestinian city in a week?

Is it possible to visit every Palestinian city in a week? : When you travel to another country, you will probably want to visit most of the cities of interest, especially if you stay for a long time. Luckily, Palestine is a very small country, so it is possible to visit most Palestinian cities within a week.

Palestine is an Arab country, located in Asia on the eastern Mediterranean coast, which is also known as the Levant. It is bordered by Jordan to the East, Lebanon and Israel to the North and Egypt to the South. In the West, the Mediterranean Sea acts as a bridge connecting Africa, Asia and Europe.


Historically, Palestine was about 27,000 km2, but now the West Bank and Gaza Strip is around 6,200 km2. The area of the West Bank comprises approximately 21% of the historical area of Palestine (from the river to the sea), including the mountains of Nablus and the Jerusalem hills, as well as the eastern part of Jerusalem, the Hebron mountains and the western Jordan Valley.


How long does it take to visit the cities in Palestine?

Travelling to Palestinian cities does not take much time. For example, travelling from Jerusalem to Bethlehem takes around 20 minutes, to Hebron 30-40 minutes, and to Ramallah around 30 minutes.

However, going to the far northern cities of Palestine, such as Jenin or Tulkarem might take 2 and a half to 3 hours. Travelling to Jericho might take one and a half hours.  But this means visiting all these cities wouldn’t take more than a week, and it is even possible to visit two cities in a day!


Can I visit Gaza as well?

Gaza and the West Bank are not connected to each other at all. Thereis a border crossing that divides the both of them, called “Erez” and it is controlled fully by the Israeli authorities. Entering Gaza is difficult from both sides, either through Israel or Egypt. The Israeli authorities require that those who want to enter gain special permission based on reasonable reasons. The embassies of some countries advise their citizens not to enter Gaza, for example the United States and Canada. However, if you do succeed in gaining permission to enter, then it will be easy to pass through the border crossing, although it might take a while.

How much it takes to visit all Palestinian cities ?

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